I am not a financial wizard.


I’m not in tech or engineering; I’m not a high earner.  I didn’t even complete my bachelor’s degree.

I’m not in my 20s… nor my 30s….

I’m not married.  I am a mom.

I enjoy a simple life and strive to enjoy it more fully.  I have a job that, while I’d be happier working less, helps improve others’ lives in ways I find personally satisfying.

While I have found helpful advice and much inspiration in the online Personal Finance community, I find few stories that match my own and have discovered that tracking my own progress is the crucial step in figuring out what truly works for my life.  I strongly believe that my potential for wealth (both abstract and monetary) is driven less by ability to hustle, and more by my upbringing, thirst for knowledge, and desire for simplicity.

My goal is to reach financial freedom on a modest salary, while providing for my little family of one tax-deductible human and two four-legged creatures.  I won’t be retiring at 35 (at least, not without a time machine!), and probably not by 50, but the path I intend to carve out of the finance hillside will still lead me to one fantastic view.


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