Finance Friday: Checking Myself

I did great during Uber Frugal January, and even though I’ve eased up a bit this month I’m still on the frugal wagon.

During the end of January I started feeling a little too competitive with myself regarding my spending. I really, really did not want to have to buy more food, for example. This ultimately wasn’t going in a healthy direction.

I am still tracking my spending every week when I check my budget – but the part of UFJ that worked the best, tracking daily, seems to have made a bigger difference in my mental attitude toward spending than I would have anticipated.

In the last week I’ve found myself putting numerous things in my Amazon cart:

  • headphones (I’ve had none for quite some time, so clearly have gotten by without)
  • a cookbook (hi there internet, fancy meeting you here)
  • a metal coffee filter for my AeroPress (I realized I can reuse the paper filters a few times, and have a stash of regular filters I can cut down)
  • an electric kettle (even though my gas stove works just fine and is close in efficiency)
  • programmable keypads with deadbolts (um I should probably not admit I’ve broken into my house twice in the last month after forgetting my keys)
  • a FoodSaver and jar sealers (but then also a manual pump to use instead of the electric FoodSaver, and keeping in mind harvest season is months away!)
  • and bamboo mason jar lids (uh, what?).

Of all those things I wanted at the moment, the headphones were the only thing I could remember. So, REALLY IMPORTANT, those other potential purchases, weren’t they?!

So today, a reminder: 

  • I will not spend any money on anything that is not a necessity: food, toothpaste, bar soap, floss.
  • I will drive as little as possible: yuck. It’s winter again. Let’s try that one again:
  • I will drive as little as possible but will show myself grace for being sick of the cold and dark and wanting to sleep that extra hour by driving to work.
  • I will accept social invitations because it’s cold and dark and community building can be as frugal as I want it to be.
  • I will savor the bit of light in the evenings on my way home — and have been truly awe-inspired by the gorgeous sunsets and fat winter moon hanging in the sky as the sun dips in a fiery ocean of clouds.

Happy weekend, fellow frugal friends!

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2 thoughts on “Finance Friday: Checking Myself”

  1. I’m hearing some winter blues in this post, and I can definitely relate. I too have spent too much lately – as always, on my particular weakness: food. Spring is coming! If you’re like me, you’ll find that your self-discipline in spending will increase with the length of the days : )

    1. Yes, food is the big one here too 🙂 I went back and looked through YNAB for previous years and the winning combo of small paychecks, short days, and spending more money has definitely been a pattern!

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