Why I’m Not Drinking This St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t get me wrong; I drink alcohol. My body and my taste buds really, really enjoy whiskey and even better a bit of scotch.  But in my quest to pay off all my non-mortgage debt then save like a frugal fiend, I’ve discovered spending habits that weren’t so obvious at first.

Holidays used to be a great excuse to get a foofoo latte, or eat out with friends, or generally just let mindfulness go out the window when it came to spending (or eating!).

This year I realized that with my kiddo away for school (so past the green eggs and pancakes stage), and with me being not one whiff of Irish, there is no real reason for me to celebrate a holiday that for me has mostly been an excuse to eat, drink booze and laugh with friends.

I know if I go out tonight I’ll end up drinking a beverage that I don’t really need, eating an appetizer that won’t taste as great as I remember from a couple years ago, and staying up later than my body likes. But more importantly, I’ll be spending money that does nothing to serve my goal of financial independence, and in light of the blatant booziness of this holiday in my city, does nothing to further my goal of Saying Yes to deepening my relationships.

My overall goal for winning at my finances is really to simplify my life – it’s simple to stay home and avoid the manic city crowds. It’s simple to acknowledge that my body has aged enough to appreciate good sleep. It’s simple to be cheered by social media photos of friends out for the night while I’m curled up with the dog and a good book.

I do secretly wish I hadn’t decided to not restock my whiskey collection, but the subtle longing and subsequent denial will be good for me 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Drinking This St. Patrick’s Day”

    1. Thanks!

      I don’t like drinking for the sake of alcohol but I do enjoy the taste of a few beverages. It’s probably a good thing for my bank account that there’s not a really great non-alcoholic pinot noir out there!

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