Finance Friday: a week’s recap

A little smattering of spending-related choices, listed briefly, to keep my mind on the right path.

Sunday  🙂

Bicycle ride with new bicycle friends. One beer and one plate of french fries plus tip. Money well spent, given the exercise, the camaraderie, the beer giving me the ability to talk to strangers, and the amazing seasoning salt on the fries! This is currently a monthly delight but will be weekly in April and I’m looking forward to every week!

Monday  🙂

I knew I was going to be working late, so packed extra food. Hurrah!

Tuesday  :/

The potholder only works on the hand that’s wearing it! This is day 3 and I can finally move my thumb, whoohoo!


Kiddo’s birthday, on which I slept in, reflected on being a mama, texted the birthchild off and on, lazed about reading books, wrote notes, and managed to give myself a second-degree burn across a large portion of my hand in the process of starting dinner. Oops.

The fact my dog cannot drive to the drugstore definitely saved me some unnecessary spending.


Wednesday :[

Very little sleep overnight and not finishing dinner preparations resulted in buying food in the cafeteria. I’ll be a little bummed to have to record that in my monthly spending, but I was hungry and not able to use my hand. SO WORTH IT.

Seriously. Try eating a banana with just one hand. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Ok with teeth it’s not too bad. Now try putting on socks. Now tying work-only shoes that are required. I cheated and wore my coworker’s Crocs when I got to that point!

Thursday 🙂

Stopped at the grocery on the way home to replace ruined Tuesday-night food. Didn’t buy a single splurge item even though the bandage on Lefty was trying to convince me ice cream and chips are integral to the healing process.

Friday 🙂

Didn’t stop to buy wine on the way home, even though Lefty again was insistent, and the grey skies were also pinging the wine-and-a-book center of my brain.

A pretty good week all around, considering a year ago my injury would’ve given me all sorts of excuses and rationalization for spending. My frugal-fu is getting stronger 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Finance Friday: a week’s recap”

  1. Oof! Your frugal-fu is so well-developed! I’m sure that a similar injury would definitely elicit quite a bit more frivolous spending from me. I aspire to reach your level!

  2. Poor you! Burns are no fun. But it sounds like you dealt with the self-medicating temptations that come with injury very, very well. “Didn’t buy a single splurge item even though the bandage on Lefty was trying to convince me ice cream and chips are integral to the healing process.” That’s what Oprah calls a “Holy moment” when it comes to dieting. Same goes for budgeting. Well done : )

    1. I’m healing surprisingly fast, thank goodness! My job is one that usually requires the use of unblemished hands so it’s been a tedious couple of weeks.

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