Finance Friday: a week’s recap

A little smattering of spending-related choices, listed briefly, to keep my mind on the right path.


Riding my bike in a surprise snowfall!

Saturday April 8  🙂

Bicycle ride along the river in spring sunshine. Meal planning in my head during the ride.


Sunday April 9  🙂

Meal prep for the week! Free museum entry; bicycle riding. Yep, there’s definitely a theme to the free entertainment and exercise this month!  After all that boss frugality, split a $ pizza with a friend. Ha.


Monday April 10  🙂

Bicycle commute to and from work; packed my meals.


Tuesday April 11 :]

Bicycle ride and bike rack purchase – have sat on this spend for months, as it’s absolutely NOT necessary.  It is already making a tremendous difference in the ability to pack all my supplies for the day, which will lead to more bicycle commuting and less driving.


Wednesday April 12 🙂

Packed my work meals.


Thursday April 13 🙂

Weekly group bicycle ride. Ate a packed meal beforehand. Spent $6 on a beverage. Passed on the free beer. My wallet and my body were happy.


Friday April 14 🙂

Worked late but still managed to eat packed food!


Lots of wins – I’m getting better at maintaining meal prep even during busy social weeks; I spent only the cash I’d allotted for my weekly Thursday outing; and I kept a stash of snacks at work for late nights to prevent vending machine temptation. The pizza was DIVINE.

Kiddo will be in town for a week, which is typically where my food spending goes sideways.

Please follow and share my adventure!

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