August Spending: How Summer Ran Away From Me

The last two months flew by, and my lack of attention to detail around here (and in my budgeting app) are all too obvious. Historically I’ve tended to spend the most in July and August as these are the only two months I’m socially active every weekend. But wow, did I take this to a level I shouldn’t have this year! My spending is actually down from last year at this time, but still– I’m going to have to buckle down now that fall is rapidly making its presence known.


I use YNAB for budgeting and tracking my spending. I average annual expenditures monthly, so occasional bills such as car insurance have money put aside all year. Thus, in months where I have smaller income I still have enough set aside to cover my expenses.



  • Fixed expenses $1383: My electric bill has been on a budget plan of $109. I’m currently paying $75 due to credit from low winter usage. City utilities are average. Internet is fiberoptic.
  • Repayment to my Past Self $1610: Not as much extra toward debt this month. Budget will be a bit tight for a little while because of two months in a row of the following:
  • Groceries $421Not meal planning is REALLY starting to show. Some of this was for family meals instead of just me, but dang my food spending has gone up!
  • Pets $19: Dog food.
  • Bikes $0
  • Auto Maintenance $90: Replaced the right front strut. Thank you potholes 🙂 This was yet another frugal win via my kiddo sourcing a discounted part through his job and doing the installation himself!
  • Gasoline $59
  • My Spending $75: Yoga membership. This has been SO good for my back. So far with the number of classes I’m attending this has worked out to around $6/class, and I’m new enough post-injury that I really value the eyes on my form. 
  • Family/Friend Funtimes $110: Spending during a community bicycle event; dinner out with a new friend; paddleboarding rentals through my membership doubled w/Groupon; dinners with my kiddo in exchange for walking the dog during the day.
  • Kiddo: he’s paying his own bills now that he’s home for the summer! Yeah!
  • Everything Else:
    • $24 +1.00 cheater glasses for work – I now have a pair at home and a pair at work. Not necessary but much easier.
    • $33 prescription contacts through Hubble – they are a teeny bit big for my eyes but work just fine and cost close to $200 less per month than what I was prescribed!


The Overly Personal But Wow Does It Affect My Spending:

I have been in a social flux over the summer. Spending a little more than I’d like on outings, but more importantly spending more the days after I’m lonely. This year has been difficult on that end, with my son away and my two closest girlfriends having babies in the last year or so. I’ve realized just recently that I feel so adrift because I’ve lost that “daily blah blah” outlet. A jump in usage of personal social media correlates that, but it’s obviously not a suitable replacement for close friendships.

I also am conflicted with feelings for someone that initially pursued me in a dating sense but changed their mind before things got off the ground, and who lately has been making an effort to be friends in a buddy-telling-me-about-his-dates way (ugh). The normal Kat with a well-rounded satisfying emotional life would have no problem simply moving on from that friendship, since my feelings are not subsiding and I don’t care for that dynamic at all. But current wah wah I-want-to-go-do-all-the-outdoor-things-before-summer-ends Kat is drawn to the daily conversation and (free) activities we both enjoy.

How it’s affected my cashflow: I’ve noticed that I don’t go on spending sprees when I am emotionally preoccupied or down, but I DO let all my careful planning go right out the window while I spend the day drinking tea and reading fluff mystery novels or neuroscience books that keep my brain engaged and my heart quiet. This lack of preparation leads to increased spending during the workweek by stopping at the store every couple of days for dinner ingredients rather than sticking to a list.

I’m having a late cocktail with a new frugal friend tonight, so it will be easy to stick to one beverage and not order food. I initially hesitated to go out at all (rather than just meeting to bike on the weekend), but I think I need to start putting energy into ongoing friendships that don’t cause my heartrate to bound all over the place. For the sake of my net worth, of course 🙂

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4 thoughts on “August Spending: How Summer Ran Away From Me”

  1. I think it’s really good to figure out things like you’re “spending more the days after I’m lonely.” Thank you for going there. A baby definitely interrupts and alters – though hopefully doesn’t end – friendships. I really hope that great new friendships come your way too – perhaps with people who have older kids. And romance? When you find that you are indeed “Kat with a well-rounded satisfying emotional life”, it just might happen when you aren’t even looking for it. For now, you’re doing exactly the right thing – taking ownership of yourself with complete honesty. (And a $1,600 debt repayment is actually very good!)

    1. I was actually surprised I didn’t completely derail my debt repayment – last year I would have just from not tracking my spending!

      On the personal front, I’ve been happily loving where I’m at for a few years now and could NOT figure out why this suddenly seemed to change, until I noticed it’s all my close relationships, not just dating, that have shifted this year. I’m still close to people but in a slightly different way. It was a good realization.

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