Frugal Finance Friday: Week Two

This week feels more like my normal low key money self.

Less outings with new friends, more introspection and gettin’ stuff done around the house. It’s not quite fall weather yet around here so I plan to spend this coming weekend outside in the free hot steamy cloud-lined world.


Friday I spent ZERO.

Saturday I spent ZERO. I decided not to see a dance performance and caught up on sleep instead.

Sunday I spent $69.43.  $18 on wine (hmph), $13 on allergy remedy, and the rest on groceries. I purchased a new bag of wheat-less flour and read the price label wrong…. it was $10 more than I thought. I’d better get to baking!

Monday I spent ZERO.

Tuesday I spent $11.83 on one bag of dog food.

Wednesday I spent just under $10 for fancy cheeses to take to a friend’s where we sat in the sunshine and ate yummy snacks and caught up on life.

Thursday I spent ZERO.

Today I plan to spend under $10 meeting friends this evening.

I feel that I’m headed the right direction again, but will likely post here for a couple of weeks to make sure it’s not a temporary blip of mindfulness 🙂

Happy weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Finance Friday: Week Two”

  1. but was the wine good? Trader Joes carries my usual & tasty Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling for like $7.

    Great price on the fancy cheeses. If you have a TJs, find their cheddar-gruyere. Makes a killer grilled cheese with their cracked wheat sourdough bread. 😉

    1. The wine was surprisingly good! It was a box brand on sale that I hadn’t tried before.

      Oh I’ve had that cheddar-gruyere! It is sooooo good! I stopped at a co-op on my way out of town to my friend’s and grabbed a soft sheep cheese w/foraged mushrooms from a local farm, and a goat cheese whose name I can’t remember but was crumbly and tangy in the center with a brie-like ring around the outside. Yum.

      I love grilled cheese, in all forms, from velveeta on sourdough (at my parents’ house) to cheddar on a tortilla fried over a campfire to brie and smoked gouda with tart apples on crusty home bread. I know what I want for dinner now 🙂

  2. When most of the day of a week the spending is ZERO, then on a single day the amount of spending is striking more but we take that in easy way. And the few times we pay something more reading the price label wrongly. All are happening with you. Psychologically, it’s not affecting more. If we spend more or less amount each day of a week, then surely it affects us little bit.

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