Frugal Finance Friday: Pumpkin Spice edition

Hi friends! Welcome to Not So Frugal At ALL Friday!

I have two new roommates, my son’s friends, as of last week and it’s been incredibly fun so far! My biggest takeaway with having an all-girl household is that we use a LOT more toilet paper!

I spent a fair chunk on Billy shelves from IKEA to build a pantry wall in the kitchen — this is something I’ve meant to do for several years as the kitchen, remodeled in the 70’s, has limited storage. I’d previously used the smallest bedroom as my pantry but it’s now occupied by someone who probably wouldn’t fancy sleeping with a bunch of mason jars and cooking supplies 🙂 From the way my house is laid out it seems the original owner used the basement for storage of dry goods (there’s an awesome pantry space under the stairs tucked behind a sneaky sliding door). I haven’t used the (semi-finished, also in the 70’s) basement for anything but storage of other people’s bikes and boxes in a few years.

This may change soon, however! We’re planning to scrub down the whole space this weekend and, time allowing, rip up the remaining carpet and start to repaint.

Spending this past week:

Friday $15.99 — Goo Gone, light pulls, and a ceiling fan light socket replacement.

Saturday $403.57 — $19.74 for Coffee beans, soap, and a $5 latte! Ok, it wasn’t pumpkin spice after all, I don’t tolerate sugar well, but it was creamy and delicious and I enjoyed it very, very much. $356.95 at Ikea for shelving – and not a single candle or wooden bowl or houseplant even though my consumer brain really wanted all of those things. $26.88 treating my new roomies to lunch for helping me transport shelves and deal with the insanity of Ikea on a Saturday.

Sunday $44.42 — Groceries at one store, pet food, and decaf coffee beans.

Monday $48.02 — The rest of my groceries at the other store, a litterbox for the basement as I’ve removed the main floor box in my kiddo’s former room, and backer rod for the tub surround I’m in the very slow process of recaulking (the slow part is the caulk removal. I won’t be reusing silicone, just sayin’).

Tuesday $18.78 — A box of wine. I haven’t purchased much alcohol for home in the past six months. I’ve noticed when I’m craving wine it’s often about how my gut feels — I’ve been trying to reintroduce grains into my diet and it’s not going well. My stomach feels much better with a glass of red – not white – and not tea or carbonated Lacroix or even vinegar-based shrubs. I don’t have anything against alcohol as a rule — my primary doc actually has discussed with me that my historic use of a drink before social situations that cause anxiety and high blood pressure is safer than using anti-anxiety medication — but it’s annoying to know I could send that $20 to debt if I just drank water.

Wednesday $0

Thursday $0

It was really, really rewarding buying things for a house project. That type of spending and subsequent activity is something I do miss from my not-in-debt days!


(whooops somehow this didn’t publish on 10/27!)

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